T’ga za jug

by Marcin Sojka

The title T'ga za Jug is taken from one of the most famous Macedonian poems written by Konstantin Miladinov. The title means "Nostalgia for the south". It is also the name of a famous brand of Macedonian wine. The photographs were taken in a number of places in ex-Yugoslavia like Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina.

In all those places, the feeling among most people is called "Yugo nostalgia". For them this was a time of peace and prosperity
After the partition of Yugoslavia during all the ethnic wars and conflicts that happened there, the region is still on the mend and remains very different culturally to other European countries. The conflicts and disagreements go on at the social and political levels, even if some good changes have happened.

Some places seem not changed since the Yugoslav era, however they retain the beauty of old times, something that is difficult to find in modern Europe.

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