by Christophe Streule


India has changed over the last century. Transformation and redefining are the new catalysts of its grow and due a countries desire for modernizing, its women have become more than just housewives or Bollywood starlets. They have left the secured domain of their home and are now in the battlefield of public life, fully armored with their talent. They had proven themselves. But this kind of change can not be felt everwhere the same.
in Rajasthan, like among many other more rural states, they are yet to get their dues. Indian society is certainly transforming into a nation not only equal in gender but polled by women and man. However old customs and prejudice are stubborn and hard to fight. There are many problems, which women in India have to go through daily and too many women have accepted them as their fate. Census of sex ratio in birth rate point out a low number of females against males, far below the worlds average. Generally, women are the one who eat last and least in the whole family. So they eat whatever is left after the family is satiated. As a result most of the times their food intake does not contain the nutritional value required in maintaining the healthy body. Some women do not get to eat the whole meal because of poverty. Those problems have to be faced, simultaneously, on different stages. One of today’s most effective tools for women empowerment is economical independency. Microcredit systems have been successfully established, giving financial security and therefore more independence to woman. Sport events, where girls and women competing and interacting each other are organized by local NGO’s. As simple as a sport event may look like, it helps tremendously, to build a new understanding of the woman’s role in a modern India.

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