Vanguard by Anastasia Bogomolova

Fifteen years ago, in 1997, I moved with my family from Kazakhstan to Russia, in town Kasli in Chelyabinsk region, and I found myself in class 7A, whose mentor was the director of the school. Specifically, I found myself not just a new place. It was the firing line, where I had to spend five years of painful growing up in conditions of increased demands and expectations. Lessons, elective courses, sports, artistic circles, tourist conventions, dramatics, all academic competitions of the town, district and region, the preparation of school holidays, hiking, swimming and basketball... Faster, higher, stronger, louder — in such a rhythm, almost unable to stop and rest, our class existed up to the graduation from the school. We always had to be at the forefront, ahead of all, in the first place, with the highest scores, with the best results, with the largest number of medals and diplomas. According to our homeroom teacher, it was for preparing us for the best career and life, teaching us to take up. However, working in team competitions and contests, we suffered a complete defeat in personal relationships, and every day of our school life was fraught with alienation, disunity and enmity. In 2012, exactly ten years after graduation, I went back to my school and tried to cope with these memories. The starting point and the operating table for me was another class 7A — new pupils of my former classroom mentor. The only cadet class in Kasli. The first in everything. Named “Vanguard”. Following these 13-year-old boys and girls everywhere, from one competition to another, I've arranged for a trip back in time.

Year: 2012
Photographed in: Russian Federation
Camera used: Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8L

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