Kolodozero by Aleksey Myakishev

I came to Kolodozero for the first time in Christmas 2011, and I continue to go back to it up to the present day. When I found myself in this wonderful place for the first time, I realized that in addition to the surrounding beauty and interesting people, there reigned a very special atmosphere - thanks to the village temple. I have been interested in religion and faith for a long time, and both have a strong presence there.

For me as a photographer it is important to capture the story - to understand not only what an ensemble Kolodozero is, but also that the revival of the village has been possible thanks to the temple and directly to faith itself, in contrast with other villages nearby which are dying.

Year: 2012
Photographed in: Russia, Karelia, Kolodozero
Camera used: Leica M7

3 Responses to “Kolodozero”


  1. Aleksey, these pictures are so beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Victor Saltmeris says:

    Hello Aleksey,your pictures have been such a pleasure to look at and are remarkably touching. They evidently reveal your deep feelings for Kolodozero and all those who live there.By looking at these photos there seems to be a great sense of unity and spirituality among the people which is so often lost in many communities today.I will look forward to seeing more of your work & also the original prints when I go to look at them in London next month…Thank you.

  3. Sahidin says:

    Hi Terry thanks a lot for your coemnmt and your very interesting suggestion for 4SH however, I’m not sure that I can include a whole chapter of your book as part of the main body of the text and other links to posts of the blog carnival, but if you can stick something up on a page that I can link to, that should be no problem Tim

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