About Viewbook

Viewbook.com enables image creators to design and manage their own portfolio websites and show their work in a flexible and beautiful way. Founded in 2009 by four Dutch brothers, Viewbook is the perfect storm of their personal and professional interests in web tech, design, and photography.

The Photostory is a non-profit initiative by the founders of Viewbook. It was inspired by direct engagement with photographers, and the desire to present engaging photographic work through an online platform. The Photostory contest is built upon Viewbook’s services. It offers contributors an accessible way to upload images, and allows them to experience the possibilities this powerful tool has to offer during the submission process.

Other platforms supported by Viewbook are the Slideluck Potshow www.slideluckpotshow.com, the student Poster Exchange posterexchange.viewbook.com and the PRC Juried Exhibition.


Photostory Team

Contest director: Paul Swagerman (NL)
Co-organizer: Alrik Swagerman (NL)
Jury Chair: Ineke Smits (NL)
Exhibition producer: Sam Barzilay (USA)
Exhibition designer: Bram Oosterhuis (NL)

For any business or press related
questions contact: [email protected]

Photostory Facts
First Prize winners

Daria Tuminas (RU)
Luis Lazo (IT)

Francesco Giusti (IT)
David Favrod (S)

Past edition jurors
Geert van Kesteren, former Magnum photographer
Marcel Feil, Curator FOAM museum
Roy Kahmann, Gallery owner)
Lauren Heinz, Chief-editor Foto8
Alison Zavos, feautureshoot.com
Kadir van Lohuizen, Noor Photojournalist
Ernesto Bazan, Documentary photographer